hahaha ^w^ Greetings and welcome all visitors to my 1st oficial Edition of the main Azalea's website, in which i dedicate myself my first starting to present and share my first ever developed game for the PC Engine/Turbografx 16 game console revealed in 1987. With the purpose of matching the year style the latest version of PC Engine's Super CD-ROMĀ² 3.0 was revealed i've considered boosting the delay this website takes to be done by creating my website in a more 89'-92' year styled website as the first ones were ever made here through it's origins when the website was invented.

it was back in 1989-1990 when Computer Scientist Sir Tim-berners LEE invented the first web browser and web page in history, thus creating what would become the first websites origins arround the world. It is stated that by 1991 there was only 3 to 10 webpages in that period, and wouldn't be until arround 1993 that the first graphics would've started to arrive. At that moment people would not have normally used the internet during those periods, but starting since 1996, when websites would become a standard utility, as well as bringing one of the first biggest competence in web browsers about Netscape vs Internet explorer bringing their applications to almost the entire world since those moments

that being said, i hope in the next edition of this website i could finally bring great images and good graphics through all this website, as well as to make my best to share the best features it could offer. I must detail that according to Neocities official website, it's purpose it's more creative rather than technical, so features such as file tracking or download/install video files here are not allowed here. However that does not stop us from still sharing such features as well as the first project i expect to present here. And i'm planning through a simple and basic encrypted safe cloud service that everyone can one more time have access to the chance of experiencing this unique and wonderful experience in this world. We hope still that this temporary website can become the best possible for the visitors, and could open the gates not only to soon remember the oldest as well nostalgic moments that will be seen forward through time, but also i expect to make it a true oldschool experience starting with some basic functions, along with some special little features to accomplish the purpose of this website. ^^ ). each few months this website will present other styles and you'll see how it's evolution will slowly bring more pictures, colors, and even backgrounds soon as well, and also i trust that i can later bring some videos and streamings via it's peertube service which will later help me help to learn me to make editions and other related stuff. Also with the purpose of revealing everything of what implies the real world of the Web.

Lastly i want to tell everyone that i also plan to make an gallery that shows a set of showing how this website was evolving since then, so that everyone can admire along with the website's evolution, the true knowledge of what has become before, and now the evolution of the World Wide Web since a long time then. Thanks for reading my message and please be welcome once again to Azalea :D

here!, i bring this tiny ball so that you don't get way bored here and you might trust me that this website will definitively evolve. haha XD


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