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|                          ,ldl.                  .:d:l                                                                                      |
|                        .Ox.                         ;Ol                                                                                    |
|                      .lOl               o;           .Ox.                                                                                  |
|  dd:k..:.KK, d:dd    Kd             .   :.             :M:     ::.    .::::::.     ::.     :.        ::::::       ::.    ,:. ::::  :dl::KKd|
|  OM;MMxM;lMMlMMxO   xx             'o   ,               .M.    MMl    .....;M;     MMl     Ml        M.....       MMl    MMMOOMMM; lMxX.MMM|
|  .MMOlxOlxMXMMMl;   M.              ,   ,                xl   .OlO         OM     .MlO     Ml        M           lOlO    OMM. MMOlO;MMMMMMM|
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|.OO lM .OOMMM.lMlMMlMl              'cxxlOo;               M   M  lM     .MO       M  lM    Ml        Mlllll     lM  ll  .OOl.MXMMMO;llxl..M|
| .MdlM.:dKNKKdKMdMM:dK    .,,....,lldk0OxKOxoo;,...,,,    ,K  KK::lM:    kd       KK::lM:   Ml        M          Nd::lN  .KMM MMdlKKdKkNMd:M|
|  xMOMMMMXXMxlxMXOl  X. .cxddxxxOO00koOOx0xo000Okxxdddo:  O; .M;   Ox  .Ox       .M;   Ox   Ml        M         .X    X..MOMMXMMMMO..lOXMXMM|
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|                       .OO. .:Kkdldxkxoo,kxkkxoox0:,. lM;                                                                                   |
|                        .lO;. :kdoxkddO. dddkkddxd ..xx.                                                                                    |
|                           :dd:cokxxx:.   ,lxxxolcdd:,                                                                                      |
|                             ..lxx0Od......;OO0lx;.                                                                                         |
|                                  llOMMMMMMMll.                                                                                             |



躑Azalea Foundation躅

The princess Tiger of Kai!: Takeda Teruhime


An Introductory Message from it's Founder:

Dear Visitors and Contributors, We Expect here, to finally rise a new hope that gives birth to a new flower that might let us all unite here, to resurrect and reestablish the mistakes that in the past our world has caused across it's evolution. We expect here for the first time in history to arise a new foundation, as well as a new organization, with the sole purpose of Being a better Free Software Foundation. With the Aim of creating innovations, ideas, topics, and new technologies based in the principles of good ethics, a Free Culture, but overall, to make GNU-based free software ideals that help us reach the new advancement of a Free world Society arround the World.

Back my time when in 2017 i met a frenemy that attempted some sort of mixing retro game that contain the aesthetics of 3 Sega game consoles, so since that moment, i decided deeply to create create a 100% 90'ish anime, that could be inspired in many classical videogames and many japanese animation as well, as to make it's sub-genre a unique new experience never created in the console i wanted to develop my game. But it was starting from the next year, i would've been revealed a way to have that chance to make my game possible into a real 8/16 bit hybrid console with the first CD-Audio quality device ever made in History with a special Library/Compiler Software and to revolutionze it under the principles that nowadays are getting lost arround all Humanity. Hard moments are happening through this movement, and i know most people still struggle making new ideas to try to promove arround the world, most modern developers don't tend to do a lot of make something innovative, and people just fall arround pure profit making stuff that doesn't do much in the new futuristic electronical devices nowadays. And i want to invite those people here, to rejoin once again at last. Let us reunite once again for one more time and give all the best you can, so that we can make a true goal and improve it as never seen before in history. Welcome to the wings of a new Free Software Revolution. and Let us all make possible what since 30 years ago was never solidly made. I welcome everyone, to this new place that in the sake of Liberty. Welcome to a new place where the utilities of the pasts, open once again the gates to restore the future's fate. Welcome to Azalea Foundation!

(C) Azalea Foundation, Takeda Nobutake アザレア財団、武田信勇 2017-2023