1st note of the founder: this is the first message i've given to this audicence, and i'll just keep this message with the purpose of preserving it's story about how this website was founded. The website has been already updated after this message as you can realize right now. hope this still makes people remember this website in any case they might not. Greetings ^^

2nd note of the founder: aaaaand yeah. ¬w¬, just because i volontarely placed at the beginning this introduction picture in my website, i'll let this this picture intact here starting from first edition(text mode readers might not be able to watch or download it perhaps.... ;w;)

Dear friends and future contributors of this new proyect. i give you all a great Welcome to the new "shrine" this website contains at the moment. My name is Teruhime. The future 3rd secret daughter of my legendary father Takeda Harunobu Shingen. They also tend to know to call myself as "The tiger princess of Kai!" :D

There's still a lot it must be developed in website. soon in a few moments we will try provide along with my first GAMMA version of my game as many features as i can, such as Tutorials, Emulators, maybe some Anime News, Karaoke, as well as to contribute to our goals so that the DEMO game can be improved as well as making new games and maybe keep improving this website!

i hope to expect the achievement to bring some kind of really unique experience some of you might've already experienced already in the past. But for those who don't yet, i want to tell you i'll do my best to finally show a great amazing history based on Japanese Culture, and to change it's old fate to find a better destiny! thank you and i love all! woooyah! ^^.

Welcome to the "Shrine" for the moment., My name is Teruhime, future daughter of the Daimyo Takeda Shingen and the Princess Tiger of my beloved Region "Kai"!

in a few instants we will provide every basics our shrine will have, with our Games, Emulator, Karaoke, Anime News, as well as to contribute to our goals so that new Games can be released here in the future, thank you everyone, i love you all <3..

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